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Consumer Bankruptcy Attorney

Serving the Chicago Area

Worry less and regain control of your financial health.

The law offices of Swanson & Desai, LLC assist individuals in the Chicagoland area struggling to keep up with their finances and are looking for a fresh start financially. If the overwhelming debt you are confronting has made it so you are unable to keep up with your bills, then filing either a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy maybe your best option to gaining control back of your financial life.

Do not worry about:
  • Debt related to credit cards
  • Medical / Dental Bills
  • Phone Bills
  • Personal loans
  • Payday loans
  • Any other type of unsecured debt
  • Losing your home in a foreclosure or having your car repossessed
  • Debt due to divorce or child support
Worry more about your FUTURE not what is holding you back!

Swanson & Desai, LLC can offer the experience and knowledge combined with the personalized care you are seeking in order to alleviate you of your financial burdens. So please call us today or send us a contact form, so we can discuss the possibility of getting a free consultation to determine if a Bankruptcy case with personalized payments plans is the best way for you to get back up on your financial feet! We are a debt relief agency.